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Zombie Run Selfie!

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I am happy to report that I did it, I actually made it to and through the 2014 Zombie Run, 2 month’s to the day, March 22, at the Acton Movie Ranch in Acton, CA.  This thing was wild.  I mean really wild and I loved every minute of it!  I went with a group to the movie ranch and we had to arrive 2 hours early for the event as we were all signed up as Zombies and had to go through a studio make over.  At the last minute I did chicken out on the zombie makeover!  I did the course though!  I seriously believe that if I can just make a part of every day of my life an adventure walking and running, I will be in a zone to lose the weight I have so been struggling with.

First things first. I did this all with the help of some wonderful people who are the producers of these events.  The company is called The Human Movement.  My gratitude goes out to Amber DiGiallonardo who is the Director of Public Relations.  This company really made an event happen that was like being in a movie with special effects that were spectacular!  As a former concert producer I know how much work goes into this!  The race director, Chloe Swenson was a moving entity, able to run a multitude of task that would without hesitation make, Donald Trump, say, you’re hired!  While she directed employee’s and oversaw acres of activities she was still able to fit in some time for an interview with me.  She gave the whole run down of what to expect on the Black Ops 5k run.  You will get plenty of obstacles and try getting by those zombies!  There are fantastic light effects, mud, water, fire, also this is an unbelievable work out.  Thank you again, Amber, Chloe and everyone at The Human Movement for this wonderful event.  Chloe Swenson informed me that the company is set for 30 races this year so if you have not had the experience yet, I highly recommend it!

I know that The Weight Race is definitely planning on making this an annual event and will be having our own “Weight Race Group” for the event so be sure and check the site for this and other events throughout the year.  I have some fantastic photograph’s from the event so be sure to browse the photo gallery so that you can get a feel for just how exciting this was.   I believe that making your exercise fun is key to actually getting out there and doing it.  Go with friends, plan on spending a good 3 hours of walking, running, rest stops and fun!  I know we can’t do this kind of thing every day but we can sure try.  Just one little mention here.  When you get to the photo of the city lights down below, this is where I rested on the first hill and it was only half way up the hill.  I am not in great shape and am 60 years old so a lot of people were saying, you know you don’t have to do this, you can just stay below.  Are you kidding me!  I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!

While I lightly mention I went with a group, that group was none other then my birthday girl daughter, Kayla and friends who celebrated her 18th birthday, Zombie style!  Happy Birthday, Kayla.