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I have been on one diet or another pretty much my whole life.  With exception of several periods of time when I just decide that I am giving up.  Why do I give up??  I think it’s because I become overwhelmed with the time it takes to lose weight.  I focus so much on the big picture that I forget that every pound lost is a win for my health.  When I saw this simple photo, “One Pound At A Time” it reminded me that it’s key to think about weight loss that way.

one pound at time

It’s so easy to become defeated when your weight loss goal is a large number.  Personally when I started this journey in September I was 207 and now am 184.  Some days I feel so proud of myself and some days I feel like a failure because I haven’t lost more.  I know the key to any weight loss success is how we think about it.  Our mind can really help us to create a more positive successful journey.  I am a big believer in the power of thought.  What we think and focus on; our body will help to create.  If we are focused on how we are failing than success is going to remain out of reach.  However if we celebrate every pound lost, it fuels more success.

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