I thought of so many things when I was preparing to write this piece on Autumn and the changes that come with it.  I thought , “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”.  You know because it seems the time of year when the air chills a bit and you just want to get in and cozy up in the house, watch a movie, make popcorn and eat on the sofa.  It is a bit harder to make myself go for a walk, a simple walk.

Peltzer Farm located in Temecula, CA.

Peltzer Farm located in Temecula, CA.

Then it seemed a better idea with, “Explore Something New”.  This would make it more appealing to get out and breath the fresh air, if only we took a new path.  Perhaps a path to the car and the beach, a park, a boat ride in the harbor or a walk out on the jetty to watch the fishers cast their lines out and bring in the wiggly, squirming, fish.  This felt like an earthly joy and the right way to go,  hmm… but lacking, missing something.

Well the thing that is missing is that, we people, that are challenged with our weight, are about to come face to face with a mountain of food!  Things that trigger our happy, ecstasy button, because our mind is programmed to identify food with comfort and happiness.  Visions of pumpkin and pecan pie are prancing around out there.  Ooh and the chocolate and pumpkin cheese cake, what more can I say.  Well I can say no!  I can say, I am not going to do this to myself.  No mashed potatoes and gravy, no candied yams with the little marshmallows on top.  No, no, no!  I will have some of that turkey and green bean casserole though.   Autumn, the harvest is in.  The top soiled turned, did yield a good crop.  The leaves turn colors and the season does change.  I am going to try my best to change too.

When we all hold hands in prayer before dinner, let’s think, not just of the family around us, but of families everywhere.  Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am going to try and make up a recipe, a sugarless dessert that is healthy.  It will be a surprise!  I’ll let you know how it goes on theweightrace.com!

Many thanks to embryonic soul at YouTube whose video was shared here.