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So happy to share this post from guest contributor, DeAnna.  Her story was very moving and inspiring.  Hope you enjoy.


First off: let me say that it is an honor to be able to share my weight loss journey with you in hopes of motivating you to start (or continue) your own. As we all know, weight loss is no easy task. We all gain weight for various reasons: poor diet, inconsistent exercise, depression, health issues, etc. I have suffered from many of those I just listed.

I grew up as a “chubby” kid. Of course back then I didn’t care. Yes I was picked on from time to time. But I also teased kids for things so I never paid it any real attention. It wasn’t until about high school that I really started noticing my weight. I could never shop in the same stores as my classmates and none of the “popular” boys ever tried to date me. I know what you are thinking “even girls who didn’t suffer from weight issues went through that.” And you are right, but there is also something that makes my story a little different.

I was raised in a single parent home. It was just my mother and I. My mom suffered from severe depression amongst other things. Growing up and being her only child I was often the victim of her being unhappy with herself. In 11th grade, I tried out and made our varsity cheerleading squad despite my weight. It was a major accomplishment for me. However over the season my mother made it a point to tell me constantly that I was much bigger than the other girls and that maybe cheerleading just wasn’t for me.

I went through stories like this often with my mom and it started to have a negative effect on my self-esteem. In college after going through a very bad relationship I even contemplated taking my own life.

As time went on, I started attending church and I found strength through my faith, but there was still my weight issue. In college I topped about 230 pounds. At that point I felt like I would pretty much be on the heavier side for the rest of my life…but a few years later I would prove myself WRONG.

In early 2010 I decided it was time to put the excuses aside and finally start my journey. I finally had it in my mind that it wasn’t about trying to lose a certain amount of pounds in a certain time frame. It was time for an all around life style change. I had asked my father (whom I hadn’t seen in years until then) for a Nintendo Wii for the previous Christmas. I had seen all of the commercials for the different weight loss games and wanted to try it. So I did. I bought the EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer game. The cool thing about this game is that it had an option for a 30 day challenge to get you started. Although I wasn’t able to fully complete all 30 days consecutively due to Law School obligations, I was at least able to get excited about working out.

That was just the beginning. I took baby steps in my journey. Starting out with simple cardio and light weights. BUT the key to my weight loss was my diet. All my life I was raised on quick meals and fast food. I didn’t know any other way. Once I began exercising more it motivated me to explore healthier eating. I would spend hours on the internet researching things I was eating on a regular basis and finding healthy alternatives to them. Again, it was all about baby steps.

Fast forward to present day and I am down to about 144 pounds from my heaviest of 230 pounds. When people see me (before I even tell them about my weight loss) they compliment me on how toned I am. Those comments motivate me even more to continue on this journey that I have started.

After all, when I started it wasn’t with a finishing date in mind…I knew it was for the long haul! Once you remember that, working out and eating right will be like a walk in the park to you. As a matter of fact you will start to feel weird once you get off track. At least I do…



You can check out my story more in depth at: www.deannantaylorlaw.com/blog