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Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about the law of attraction and how we need to focus on positive things in our lives and by doing so, more positive things will come to us.  I firmly believe this and am constantly realigning my thoughts to be more positive, but what I want to talk about here is a little more obscure.   I want to talk about each and every one of us finding our magnets.

As you know there are many different sizes of magnets.  Small magnets can pull small things in, while large magnets can have amazing strength and break through barriers to pull something toward them; It’s actually quite amazing.  A big enough magnet can pull something to them that seems impossible, and yet it does it with ease.

Let’s talk about this idea of your weight magnet.  Most of the folks that start any weight loss program really want to lose weight, yet so many of us fail to realize our goal.  It’s because our magnet is not big enough!  Telling ourselves we want to lose 10 or 20 or 200 pounds and using that as our goal isn’t enough for our mind to create our own personal magnetic field.  We need to really connect with the result of weight loss.  By creating feelings around the success of the weight loss, we will increase the strength of our magnet!  I am not talking about putting up a picture on your fridge of some super model or even your thin self and saying “that’s my magnet”, this doesn’t create a positive emotional connection.  You need to sit down, get quiet and think about how it will feel when you can get those jeans on.  Envision how it will feel to get second glances from the folks that see how good you look.

In addition to creating emotional magnets, there are also tangible things that can be your magnet.  Going to your high school reunion, getting married, winning a million dollars on The Biggest Loser!  Those are some awesome magnets right?

Here is your challenge, try sitting down where you can have some private quiet time and really find your weight magnet, identify the feelings around your success and then every day spend a few minutes focusing on it again.  By doing this your magnet will grow stronger and stronger, and those barriers to weight loss will no longer stand in your way!!

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