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I started out this week so good, really felt like I had found some inner strength to get my sensible eating plan going.  As the week progressed, my devotion started to slide and I started rationalizing my food choices again.  I tell myself things like “If I eat the doughnut this morning, then I can work out longer tonight to burn it off.” Unfortunately, I don’t work out and then the next day I step on the scale and am bummed to find I have put on weight.  My being bummed leads me to just throw in the towel for the day and eat what I want.  On top of that, because I feel like I ruined the day by making bad choices I don’t work out saying, “well I already blew it today, I’ll just relax and start fresh tomorrow.”  I am like a bad album, sometimes the music plays great and works and then sometimes it skips and skips and skips.

Sometimes I think I should undergo some sort of hypnosis to despise fattening foods and love working out.  Seems simple enough, right?  I really feel like something is broken in my brain.  Why do I eat when I am not really hungry?  Why do I eat dessert when I am full?  Why can’t I just lose weight?  I think the answer is that I am addicted to food.  Food makes me feel good,  a great tasting meal evokes a very real feeling of satisfaction.  When I am stressed, eating a bowl of cereal or snacking on something decadent seems to ease the pressure a little.  When I am sad or lonely, food fills the gap.  However this momentary happiness that food brings comes back to torment me.  I really don’t like the way I look and I know its so bad for me to carry this extra weight. Another feeling that stems from being overweight is shame.  Going to the pool or beach I am so ashamed of the way I look.  I hate it!  I don’t know how to break the cycle, I just know I seem to be stuck in it.

I would love if folks out there who have overcome something similar or who specialize in helping people get past this would reach out.  Would love a guest author to share some ways they have found success!