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Okay, so Jenny Craig isn’t my personal friend though I am a huge fan of the company and their program.  I know it works, but more than that they really go out of their way to make their tips and help accessible even if you’re not a member.

While I am a lifetime member of Jenny Craig, (yes, they use to sell memberships that way and I had the fortuitousness at 23 to know I might need them when I was 40)  I am not currently using their program.  Something I really love though are their tips and emails they send out.  It’s from one of these that I wanted to share something they talk about.

“Make a List of Love”

“…Everyday something awesome happens; you just have to throw a little perspective on it. Take some time each night to make a list of everything you’re thankful for from the day. If you heard the best song lyric, someone gave you a great hug, or you dropped a pound on the scale, these things all add to your feel good factor. Reminding yourself of happy thoughts each night will keep you mindful of your goal – a happier, healthier you!

Little changes make big differences. And these mental tricks can help you cut back on thousands of calories a year, not to mention the guilt of late night indulgence. Skipping a night time snack could be just the thing to jump-start the new you!”

I love this tip!  I think life is pretty complicated.  Add a struggle to lose weight and it can become overwhelming.  If we take a moment each night to think about something special or something that made us smile, we can change our perspective.  I am going to post on my facebook status something I am thankful for each day over the next month. Would love if others can join me and share their moments.