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This morning I hooked up my iPod and went for a walk.  It’s been a while since I exercised and I honestly have never been a big fan of the work out. As I was walking and listening to my songs I started to do a bit of a head bob and before I knew it I was incorporating dancing moves into my walk.  I was having the best time!  However, as I looked to my right side I realized I was getting some looks from people who thought I was a bit ridiculous.

For a few minutes I stopped and went back to my regular boring walking, but then I thought to myself…”so what.”  Who cares if I look a bit silly, it was the most fun I had exercising in forever.  It reminded me of the “Friends” episode where Phoebe tells Rachel she runs in that goofy way because it makes her feel good, and who cares what other people think.  So, here’s to you Phoebe!  Whoever said Jagger has the only moves!