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Sometimes I become so frustrated with myself regarding my inability to lose weight.  Who am I kidding, I am frustrated on a daily basis- yet I sit here still significantly overweight.  In my quest for new ideas I googled “motivation for weight loss” this morning just to get some new tips and sadly the advise I found was very lacking.  They said things like Think Slim……..well I have been making positive affirmations and even taped pictures of skinny people on my fridge and bathroom mirror and it just isn’t cutting it.  Another tip;  surround yourself with slim people.  That to me just makes me feel inferior and depressed and frankly makes me want to eat a cookie to feel better.  Lastly they advise to eat when you are hungry.  Well obviously this advice was written by a skinny person!!  Eat when your hungry…….Come on, which one of us out there in the overweight world isn’t aware we should not be eating just because we love the taste of food?

It’s hard to lose weight and I think the majority of the world just doesn’t understand the dynamics of just how hard it can be for some.  Food is as big an addiction as smoking or drinking.  It’s often an escape or used to make ourselves feel better.  Food is the greatest friend sometime, it doesn’t judge us- it just tastes great and makes us feel better……at least for a few minutes.  Then the guilt hits and we are back where we started.

This is why I created The Weight Race, www.theweightrace.com!  We are a community of people that understand what it means to struggle.  I admit, you won’t find a lot of traditional advise on how to lose weight, because frankly you know that already!  What you will find is positive reinforcement and rewards.  Start your weight loss journey by losing just 5 pounds and guess what?  You can enter two different contests to win real prizes!  Lose 25 pounds and enter to win a massage!  If you work out for an hour, you can earn a really cute badge to add to your collection and show off to your friends.   Start making weight loss a fun experience and I truly believe success will follow!  The membership is only $5 a month.  As a grand opening contest, once we reach 5000 members we are having a drawing for one member to win $5000.00!  I built this community as a single mom who is tired of being “fat”  Let’s do this and show everyone out there that success is achievable when you have the right motivation!!!


Summer LaBrie