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I don’t know where to begin.  People around me are losing weight and I am here, standing still.  Everybody’s bumper car is moving but mine is going nowhere.  You ever have that happen?  Your favorite ride, the bumper cars and your car does not move.  You sit there and by the time someone gets there to help you in your bumper car the ride is over.  What the heck?   The whole time your friends are bumping into you with their bumper car, laughing out loud.  I’m sitting here and my bumper car will not move.  It is the only thing I can think of to compare to the frustration I feel. The bumper car ride and my big belly blues.  I wanted that bumper car ride and I want to lose weight!  I have to turn this thing around.

I know I use food to make myself feel better.  I know that when I go on a diet, I feel as if I am depriving myself.  I need to replace my fond food memories, the joy I felt at the honking sound of the Helm’s Bakery truck or the Music Blasting from the Ice Cream Truck with something much more important, my health.  I need to remember how good it feels to be at a healthy weight.  So I ask myself, knowing this, how is it that I break down and eat Taco Bell for dinner tonight?  I feel defeated.  This is what the Weight Race is all about.  It is intended to help each other out.  I need to talk with others that are in the same boat or bumper car as I am.  I need your help and hopefully you need mine too!

At the same time I am writing this I am thinking of so many ways to help myself.  I am going to do some daily affirmations!  I will get out and ride the bike, walk the walk and get some exercise every day.  Hey, if your in my neighborhood, maybe we can do it together.  Can’t do couch sit-ups anymore, it doesn’t work!  At the same time, I know there are some great offers on the web site and I will get going with that too!  Wish me luck and hope to hear from you.  Will keep you posted!

Linda Ward Kirkendale