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A few days ago I was driving home with my daughter when she started feeling really sick.  By the time we got to our house she was laying her head to the side and just looking miserable.  She asked me to carry her upstairs.  As I picked her up and started heading inside I realized my little girl has gotten bigger.  She is 6 now and weighs 50 pounds. By the time I got to the stairs I was struggling.  Getting to the second floor was a real challenge, but I did it because my little girl needed me.

When I got her settled into bed I thought about how hard it had been for me to carry her.  Basically I was carrying an extra 50 pounds on my shoulder. My back was sore and I was physically exhausted.  What occurred to me next was that I am in fact carrying around an extra 50 pounds in fat every day!  Somehow my body has adjusted and gotten used to it, but I know it’s affecting my health.

Being overweight is hard in so many ways.  It’s hard on our backs, our heart, our feet and even our minds.  I am really looking forward to getting this extra weight off.  Now I just need to step away from the pumpkin muffins and step up my work outs!

This is an eye opening article on some the health risks with being overweight.