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The Weight of Weight

I used to love being fit and healthy, running, exercising and turning heads wherever I went because I looked good.  I always imagined I would maintain this beautiful fit figure and would grow old in so enviously graceful a fashion.


While this photo is a much younger me, it reminds me of just how far astray I have gone from a daily exercise regimen. At age 49, some health issues subtly changed the exercise regimen I had honored for so long. A horseback riding accident that left me barely able to walk.  It took six months and even then my back has never been the same. At age 58, I got Planter’s fasciitis in my right foot, then Achilles tendonitis in that same foot.  I slowly slid down, landing in a spot where I could no longer exercise without being in excruciating pain.  I began to eat more out of depression over the injury and perhaps the pain medications enhanced my appetite.  A pitiful mess to be sure.  On top of that, I got Bells Palsy.  The doctor said the only cure is rest.  You can pack on a lot of weight in 6 months of rest.


This is where The Weight Race has entered my life.  I just can’t stand, the “Weight of the Weight” that I walk around with, the achy bones and back.  The Weight Race is a place to help yourself and help others.  Without support it is so difficult to get going.  My appearance is no longer a statement of health and well being.  Believe me, I tried like 6 different photo programs to try and make it look better but this is me!  I love me and want to help myself to get better.

My daughter Summer Labrie is the Founder of “The Weight Race”.  When she told me her idea, I hopped on board with support.  Summer has had her own issues with weight brought on by illness, to be specific, cancer.  She just tested cancer free and we are both on the way to healthier bodies!  We need your help!  This is too hard to do alone!  Hey by being one of the first 10,000 members to join you have a shot at winning $10,000.00!  There will be lots of opportunities to win money or prizes, rewarding your weight loss along the way!  So if you are looking for support, games, recipes and a chance to win when you lose weight you’ve just stumbled into the right place.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, we’ll let you know when the grand opening is!